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Our staff members have decades of experience working with international volunteers in sustainable development projects. This ensures a safe, smooth, enjoyable, and meaningful experience for the volunteer.


It’s important that the work a volunteer does is continued long after they return home. By placing an emphasis on continuity, our volunteer projects make a difference. We provide the tools for volunteers to share experiences, ideas, and impressions to incoming volunteers so they can pick up where the previous volunteer left off. Once you return from your volunteer experience, regular updates keep you connected and allow you to see the legacy of your work.


Through our belief that experiences provide the greatest lessons in life, we provide a reflective and meaningful experience that will stretch your understanding of the world and yourself. We believe in facilitation rather than traditional teaching, and convey concepts through experiential activities concluded with rich debriefing sessions that translate your experience in India to your personal life.


Our full-time staff is available to volunteers 24/7. Whether you need assistance in your placement, a lesson in Hindi, or help finding something around town, our staff is there for you. Our staff speaks English and love to have fun. Our staff is not there just to help, but also they are there to become your friend. These friendships often last a lifetime.


We’ve hit the sweet spot providing a comprehensive, rich, safe, and comfortable experience while keeping the cost of our program within reach. We are approximately 22% more affordable than comparable programs.

"My EXPERIENCE in India withCULTURAL PASSAGE struck the perfect balancebetween COMFORT & CHALLENGE"

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